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International Committee

Chair: Dr Stephen Chadwick

The Faculty's International Committee aims to coordinate the extensive activities of the Faculty abroad, where 21% of the Faculty's membership is found. The core activity of the Faculty is well established, with the functions of educational monitoring, assessments and evaluations and targeted education for both general and specialty dentistry.

Many countries seek the structure and knowledge that the Faculty has developed over many years. It is a clear and robust model that many try to emulate: 2 - 3 years of general dental training for consultant grades; continuing education in the form of courses; and a network of clinicians who may be able to assist practitioners with professional problems.

This is unique to the UK, with the strength of the College coming largely from its independence from government. No other country has such a structure specifically aimed at both hospital and specialist training. The overall ethos of improving the access of patients to trained clinicians at several levels is a major advantage of the training structure.

The staffing levels of the Faculty are small in comparison to the number of centres abroad demanding our assistance, and so we aim to manage this development carefully with a clear strategic plan, in order to successfully take the business of the College overseas.

The famous adage 'Travel broadens the mind' has never been truer than in the 21st-century. Many of the problems we suffer in the United Kingdom are reflected throughout the world - poor health management, insufficient funds, and politicians who have many financial priorities - Health, and Dental Health in particular, being but a small aspect of their remit.

Travel to centres around the globe, examining this parity of problems in other countries, leaves one reassured that the UK is not alone. Visiting other countries throughout the world is not a uni-directional exercise. While we may be taking our model overseas, we must also be aware of the possibility for cross-fertilisation. There is always something to learn from all countries.

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Websites Useful For Those Travelling Overseas

Chair Dr S Chadwick, Junior Vice-Dean
Vice-Chair Mr S Littlewood
Ex Officio Professor N Hunt, Dean of the Faculty

Professor T Renton
Mr K Bishop
Mr K Altman
Professor St John Crean, Robert Bradlaw Advisor
Dr M Wilson, Chair, NACPDE
Mr D Jackman, Director, International Affairs

Meeting Dates

FDS Board Members can find minutes of previous meetings if they log in to the secure section of the Board Members' area.

15 September 2016
13 April 2017


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